Music Vine

Size: 2500-3000 tracks (Mid Size)
Artists: 172
Quality: Boutique (best)
Pricing: Sync Licensing from $13 (Student Project) – $220 (Budget >50,000)
Exclusive Content: Yes 

The Review:

If Music Vine isn’t on your radar, it should be. They’re top notch from content, to ease of use, and feature a stunning website. What becomes evident very quickly is how selective and curated their music is. With the licensing industry booming it seems more important than ever to find a library that not only has good content, but that only has good content. The whole experience of browsing the website is also just a pleasure – without tacky watermarks detracting from the listening experience and a design that’s sleek and beautiful. This would without a doubt be one of the first places I’d go as a content producer/filmmaker. 

Further thoughts:

After listening for a good 30 minutes or so I haven’t come across a single track lacking depth or artistry – which for the music licensing world is no easy feat given the nature of “commercial” music. Music Vine is also a relatively new name, having just launched in 2015, however, i’ve been following them more or less since their initial launch, and have every confidence their approach will be rewarded. 

Filmmaker’s perspective:

As i’ve mentioned, the quality of music in this library is really quite exceptional. And not only that, I find navigating the website to be both intuitive and an all around pleasant experience. I really can’t take seriously some of the awful websites that many licensing companies seem to have (seriously, *so many* music licensing companies have embarrassingly ugly websites). They also offer some unique and easy to use filters, namely by “edit type” (Aerial, Glitch, Time lapse, Slow-mo, etc), “Occasion”, and “Culture” . This combined with their watermark-free listening experience, and a library size that’s not terribly overwhelming, makes Music Vine a delight to use.

Composer’s perspective:

Music Vine looks like they generate most of their income from upfront sync payments (much like Audio Jungle, Premium Beat, Etc), but appeal to a more selective clientele. Fees are split with the composer (rather than a buyout), though I see little promise of substantial PRO payments (though everything is registered with your PRO in case something gets placed in a royalty generating production. Having directly worked with music vine in the past, I think they have fair, transparent approach and treat their artists well. Even though I ultimately removed my music from the site due to a personal need to consolidate my content, if I was looking for a library to produce income from upfront client payments Music Vine would definitely be a top contender. I’m sure their website traffic has only grown since I was working with them, and I found their A&R to be responsive, polite, and quite helpful. It also speaks to their merit that removing content as an artist was painless and quick, something that can’t be said for all libraries i’ve worked with. 

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